Different trendy spring festival outfits for 2024

6 Fun Festival Looks You Can Easily Style!

Hey Vintage Babes!  It's that time of year again—music festival season is upon us! And you know what that means: it's time to unleash your inner fashion icon, rock the hottest trends under the sun and dance like nobody's watching. So, if you're ready to be inspired and take your festival style to the next level without overthinking and breaking the bank keep scrolling below!

Double Belt It:

Whether you pair it with a mini skirt, shorts or a dress, adding a statement belt has become a simple upgrade to your outfit. I mean yes belts have been around for centuries, we know! But this season we’re having a little more fun with it, like layering not just one, but two or even three belts for a more elevated look or just wear one belt with a looser, more relax fit giving that effortless cool girl vibe. 

Crafty Crochet:

When it comes to the ultimate spring/summer festival pieces, crochet is hands down one of my favorites. It's vibrant, it's playful, it's effortlessly stylish, and it lets that refreshing breeze flow through when the sun's blazing. The easiest way to rock this trend is by layering it over a swimsuit or a simple staple, then finishing it up with some statement accessories – and voila, your festival-ready! But let's not forget the charm of a cute matching set or a simple pop of color with a crochet hat or accessory. Whatever your style, crochet adds that extra pop of personality to elevate any festival look.

Micro Shorts:

This one's for my bold fashionistas ready to flaunt those fabulous legs! Whether you call them hot pants or micro shorts, make sure you're waxed and moisturized to rock this trend with confidence. Balance is key – if you're going to show off those legs, opt for a looser-fitting top, a high-neck blouse, or a cute baby tee to keep the look effortlessly chic. Remember, it's all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. So strut your stuff and own your style!

Pretty in Lace:

So, lace is making a major comeback this season, and I am absolutely here for it! While the classic lace dress paired with a simple undergarment is always a winner, I'm obsessed with how the fashion girlies are getting creative with lace skirts. Picture this: a lace skirt, a graphic tee, and some badass cowboy boots for a festival-ready outfit that screams fun! Don't have a lace skirt handy? No worries – pair a lace dress under your shirt and I promise you, no one will know the difference.  And let's talk about lace lingerie making its way into daytime looks – a lace lingerie top paired with pants or denim? It's bold, it's sexy, and it's oh-so-chic. Lace, you've got my heart this season!

Mini Bubble Skirts:

And finally, let's talk about the bubble skirt. Now I'll be honest, at first it brought back some cringeworthy memories of my school days, but I must admit seeing the mini version and how it's being styled in such fun and unique ways has completely changed my perspective. Whether you're rocking it with a graphic tee, some funky socks, and loafers for that laid-back cool-girl vibe, or you might want to kick it up a notch with a pair of cowboy boots for a more festival look. Want a more edgy look? Swap out the graphic tee for a corset top – the options are truly endless!

Now that we've explored some of the hottest festival looks, I want to hear from you! Which look is your favorite? Are you leaning towards the crafty crochet or maybe the bold micro shorts? And speaking of festivals, which one are you most excited about this season? Share your thoughts and plans in the comments below!

P.S- Don't forget to have fun and mix it up this festival season!





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